•  In 1967 Sandia National Atomic Labs stunned the world 
    by creating the first new "Fundamental Mechanism in 350 years .... the linear "Rolamite".

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•  Three years ago I stunned the world by making it rotary.  
    With a greaseless rotary mechanism I created the potential 
    for replacing existing dirty, greasy geared systems with clean, greaseless belted systems.  

•  All surfaces that touch, move in the same direction at the same surface speed.  
    The surfaces move smoothly WITH each other, rather than rub AGAINST each other, 
    .... eliminating the need for grease.  

•  For the first time in history, 
    Rotary Mechanical Motion is created with virtually no rubbing between parts.  
    I was awarded a U.S. patent for the METHOD of this new mechanical geometry.  
    This new Mechanical Field is based on a new Principle I call  "Scroller Mechanics".

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The Beginning
•  Business Week broke the story.  
    Other Business and Science publications picked it up including the Associated Press [AP].  
    It has also been featured in newspapers all over the world 
    and in many Mechanical Magazines such as Design News and Machine Design.  

•  Scroller Mechanical Technology was featured as the cover-story 
    in the world's most prestigious mechanical magazine, American Machinist. 
    It was the first time in that magazine's history 
    that magazine that the cover was virtually entirely dedicated to one Technology. 
    ( The cover is usually equally split in thirds ).  
    McGraw-Hill has already begun including the inventor in its college text books.

•  In late 1999, the Smithsonian asked to do an exhibit of Scroller Mechanics 
    at the "Lemelson Center For The Study of Invention and Innovation" 
    in the National Museum of American History.

Public Reaction
•  Public reaction was tremendous.  
    The phone rang without interruption for weeks after each article was published.  
    Most everyone either called to congratulate or to ask about investment possibilities.  

•  A couple of people called and didn't believe the principle could actually do what I said, 
    so I made a rough model using a cut hose for belting and put a video up on the WebSite, 
    hoping that seeing is believing because it is true that it seems counter-intuitive. 
    Broomstick and paper models were sent to both Business Week and American Machinist 
    so they could better appreciate both how simple it is 
    and how odd it feels in the hand as it rotates.

Industry Reaction
•  As a result of all the publicity, Scroller Mechanics received very enthusiastic responses.  
     Chairmen, CEO's, Research VP's, Marketing VP's and Engineers 
     and hundreds of major manufacturers and distributors expressed serious interest 
     in using and / or selling Scroller Mechanical Technology.

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See Also:  Industries that Contacted Us ....
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•  I received many questions, 
    often similar and the need for detailed documentation was becoming evident.  
    I slowly and carefully documented the field. 

•  When people called to ask for Scroller Mechanical Devices, 
    I explained that we were still in the initial documentation stage 
    and not yet ready to do business.  
•  I asked to please be patient and "go make some and play with them" 
    and I would let them know when I were ready. 
    This was not the response they expected. 

•  I also received letters from people who had difficulty making a Scroller Mechanical Wheel.  
    Someone tried to make one with ELASTIC vacuum cleaner belts.  
    This was frustrating for me, realizing I had a lot more explaining to do than anticipated. 

•  The motion of Scroller Mechanics is difficult to envision from static pictures.  
    Proving that the principle works and showing it with a graphic, photo or video 
    does not have the same emotional impact as feeling it's unusual movement in hand.  
    It is not simple and intuitive to explain.

•  IDS-Research is strictly a Design Studio and Think-Tank 
    and is not structured for commercial development of technologies. 
    Hence the creation of IDS-Development for marketing of ideas, 
    keeping the design side ( right-brained )  separate from the marketing side ( left-brained ).

•  I am now ready to take several technologies to market.  
    Scroller Mechanics is an odd exception to my work, 
    it is not just a device, but also a METHOD representing a new Principle 
    that opens a new Mechanical Field.  
    The Scroller Mechanical Principle is a  "Fundamental Mechanism" ....
    for making devices, with many applications spinning off it.

SCROLLER  BOOKLEThttp://www.scrollermechanics.com/Documents/Scroller_Mechanics.pdf