What does this mean for the future ?
         •  Mechanics in which surfaces move smoothly WITH each other,         
            rather than rub AGAINST each other
         •  A mechanical option that is not noisy, smelly, or greasy.
         •  A mechanical industry not based on forging and stamping 
            so it becomes a cleaner industry to have in a community.

How does it work ?
•  A roller-bundle woven into parallel rotation 
    in the curves of a balanced row of straps 
    that pick up and lay down in a scrolling motion 
    within the bundle of turning rollers.

How important is the impact of this ?
•  Clean, quiet, accurate grease-free mechanics 
     will mean that mechanics no longer needs to be dirty and noisy 
     with tons of grease dripping into our environment every year.

When will this be available ?
•  I am still not sure.
    Every time I get a call
    it is some company expecting a product.
    This is a mechanical METHOD
    and companies will need to adapt it to their needs.

•  Many still have a hard time believing this can be  real.
    I suggest people go to the INDEX and read carefully.

What can be done with it ?
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Who has shown interest ?
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