Business Plan



•  A principle has been discovered as basic as the wheel itself. 
    Industry is now invited to partner with me to transform this principle 
    into the many devices it represents.

Target Market
•  Almost every industry can benefit from Scroller Mechanics. 
    The potential client market for Scroller Mechanical solutions is broad and diverse, 
    from the manufacturer requiring a new solution for a machine design, 
    to a better replacement for parts on existing machines.

•  I shall begin by targeting the gear-driven market 
    because it contains most of the Scroller Mechanical application requests.
    It is believed, based on the reaction of manufacturers and potential customers, 
    that the marketing of Scroller Mechanical designs around the world 
    will be a fast ramp-up that will see their incorporation in many design solutions.

See:  List of incoming Contacting Companies ....

•  There is enormous potential impact in industries such as Medical Technologies 
    that rely on sterile equipment and extreme precision, 
    or the Space Industry where grease fails to perform, 
    or underwater, high altitude and many other extreme conditions. 
    This is evident from the intense interest received from so many diverse companies 
    looking for solutions to rotary mechanical and lubrication limitations.

Application Search
•  Most Manufacturers and Design Firms can relate to the situation of having projects
    sitting unsolved because they could not find the appropriate component solutions.  
    In many cases, the need to find a component is a very urgent one, 
    as in the case of medical devices, safety devices, etc.  
    With the extensive and in-depth database 
    that had taken almost three years of documentation to build, 
    customers can now pinpoint design solutions with confidence.

See:  Scroller Mechanics Applications Section ....

•  When the story of Scroller Mechanics was published, 
    especially in Business Week and the cover story in American Machinist, 
    hundreds of inquiries and technical questions 
    as well as a flood of interest and congratulations poured in 
    from manufacturers, distributors, end users, universities and engineering firms.  

•  Many requests for Scroller Mechanical applications 
    came directly from the Chairmen, CEO's and VPs of major companies 
    including several of the fortune 500.

•  Enquiries for Scroller Technology currently come from all over the world 
    and reflect a need for an extensive variety of applications within a broad, untapped market.  
    Most requests are for applications in which traditional mechanics fails to perform.

•  The interests have been so overwhelming that it becomes logistically impossible
    to follow-up with the individual expressions of interest received.  
    While the interest of senior executives is heartening, 
    these individuals are rarely the sole decision makers, 
    and are often the first of many steps in the process of creating a partnership.  

•  How this proceeds from here is the important issue.  
    This traditionally requires the ability to visit with prototypes in hand 
    that reflect the applications they have in mind, 
    but almost every inquiry was involving a different application.

•  During the "Studio only" phase of IDS (in the 1990's), 
    the Tech Transfer functions were not yet in place, 
    all interested people were asked to please be patient 
    while documentation and WebSite were finished.  
    When we developed ourselves and our communications abilities we would let them know.  

•  The time has come with the launch of this new Commercial WebSite 
    to replace the old Academic WebSites. 

Market Potential
•  Scroller Mechanics can replace many geared systems 
    and can compete with several bearing applications.
    Since this impacts so many industries, 
    it is felt best to first concentrate on those areas 
    where traditional mechanical solutions fall short, 
    so that there is less direct competition.  
    For example, no other solution can provide the accuracy in positioning.  
    No other rotary mechanical solution is greaseless, 
    therefore it can operate underwater, in chemical environments, 
    in micro-gravity or sterile conditions where grease presents a serious problem.

            •   General drive systems in ....
                        ◦   Bearings
                        ◦   Robotics joints and wheels
                        ◦   Speed reducer / Transmissions
                        ◦   Planetaries

            •   Very dirty environments where grease becomes contaminated.

                        ◦   Caterpillar tracks  ( very dirty )
                        ◦   Farm equipment bearings and planetaries
            •   High Torque applications where the huge degree of contact 
                 is far better than the 2-tooth capacity of geared options.
                        ◦   Twisting casings in oil wells
	                    ◦   Locomotives and "Rolling Stock"
	                    ◦   Drums used for mining tailings
            •   Super clean environments where grease is a contaminant.

                        ◦   Conveyors  ( including clean rooms in microchip factories )
                        ◦   Sterile Medical Equipment  ( grease free parts )
            •   Extremely fine positioning where the backlash caused by gaps needed for grease 
                cannot be tolerated.

                        ◦   Microscopes  ( fine positioning )
                        ◦   Radar  ( super-fine positioning )

            •   Spark free conditions where rubbing, slipping and sliding can cause danger.

                        ◦   Mining equipment bearings  ( no sparks when no grease )
                        ◦   Chemical environments
            •   High speed precision needs.

                        ◦   Spindles in Machining equipment  ( high speed precision )
            •   Micro-gravity where grease floats away

                        ◦   Satellite hinges  ( micro-gravity )
            •   Extreme environments for bearings or drive-systems

                        ◦   Very hot that grease can't tolerate
                        ◦   Underwater that grease can't tolerate

Technology Risks
•  There is NO possibility of obsolescence 
    because the technology is based on a new mechanical PRINCIPLE.  
    The development of technologies based on this patented method of motion is on-going.

Implementation Risks
•  Pulleys and belts are readily available worldwide 
    from a wide selection of manufacturers and suppliers.  
    Specific belting needs to be designed for specific applications 
    as per the loads, temperatures, etc.  

•  Several belting companies have expressed an eagerness to be involved in this process 
    as the market for applications develops.  
    One unusual aspect is that the belting rides on both sides.  
    That requires unique belting for Scroller Mechanical applications.  
    The Scroller was featured in their Belting Association trade magazine

See: NIBA (National Industrial Belting Association) Article ....

Market Analysis
•  Because the drive market is so huge, 
    IDS-Development will begin by concentrating on those areas 
    which require an accuracy, a lube-free nature, and a load distribution 
    that traditional mechanics has failed to provide.

•  Just as the U.S. patent for Scroller Mechanics was approved 
    and even before it was issued, 
    Business Week magazine broke the news, 
    followed by several other Business and Technology publications.
•  Scroller Mechanical technology went on to be featured in Design News 
    and was quickly followed by a 4-page cover article 
    in the premiere mechanical magazine, American Machinist.  
    Several other articles have since been published, even in Chinese.  
    McGraw-Hill is including it college textbooks.

See: Scroller Mechanics Articles ....

•  Since the intellectual property rights for this mechanical principle are patented, 
    there can be no direct competitors to Scroller Mechanics.  
    There will always be indirect yet inferior competition.
    It is indeed exciting to be at the beginning of the birth of a new Principle.  
    Traditional Rolling-Mechanics offers indirect competition only.  

•  In some areas such as conditions hostile to grease 
    or in applications that require extreme precision, 
    there is no competition at all from traditional mechanics.

•  This is the first time in history 
    that an almost PURE rolling motion has been achieved in a rotary geometry.  
    Because the solution allows many mechanical systems to be designed 
    without the need for grease, 
    it is expected to have a deep and lasting penetration 
    into the mechanical market in general, 
    but especially in those areas where load distribution, 
    grease or a lack of precision is a problem. 

•  The interest in this solution has thus been overwhelming. 
    There is no doubt that the Gear and Bearing Industries 
    will be transformed by this new design option.
    It is the wide scope of functions that makes it difficult 
    to limit the potential of Scroller Mechanics.

... Scroller Mechanics can replace :

            1. Most Geared-Systems  ....
                                •   Quieter
                                •   Better load distribution over a large surface area
                                •   Does not have 2-tooth contact limitations
                                •   Completely lube-free
                                •   Far higher degree of accuracy

                    .... planetary replacement, hi-torque.

            2. Bearing applications ....
                                •   Grease free applications able to use grease-sensitive materials.
                                •   Far better load distribution over a huge surface area.

                    .... medical equipment, electronics, underwater, micro-gravity.

            3. High-precision drive applications ....
                                •   No gaps needed for grease means NO backlash.
                                •   If you move it a micron, it moves only a micron

                    .... microscopes, radar positioning.

Other Competitors
•  In Scroller Mechanics, 
    IDS controls the intellectual property rights for the method of this Mechanical Principle.  
    There can be no direct competitors.  
    Only indirect competition exists within the gear, bearing and belted-systems industries.

Competitive Advantage
•  The puzzle that had existed since the discovery of mechanics has been solved - 
    how to harness pure rolling motion.  

•  The linear Rolamite design, from Sandia Atomic Labs in the 1960's, 
    is considered the spring board to Scroller Mechanics.  
    Nobody had been able to "crack the code" until Scroller Mechanics was discovered.

•  Scroller Mechanics is a patented method of creating motion.  
    This new Mechanical Principle is as basic as the bearing, cam or pulley 
    and ushers in a broad new field 
    that provides a new way of thinking about, looking at, and designing with mechanics.  

•  The Scroller Mechanical principle offers many clean, smooth, quiet,
    cool and more reliable alternatives to conventional greasy mechanics 
    and a broad new range of mechanical design options 
    that no other method can match.

•  In Scroller Mechanics, 
    although parts move in opposite directions, their surfaces move in the same direction; 
    ELIMINATING the rubbing between parts.  
    As it rolls, all surfaces scroll in the same direction at exactly the same surface speed.  
    thereby even accepting of deforming pressures / loads of the entire assembly 
    .... yet still rotate with no rubbing, sliding or slipping.

•  The Scroller Mechanical Principle defies friction 
    by eliminating the source of slipping, sliding and rubbing.  
    Belts simply pick up and lay down on the rollers, 
    leaving only minor levels of rolling friction in mechanical systems.

•  There is full surface contact between parts for a smooth and quiet motion, 
    by-passing the friction and inaccuracy sources that cause noise.

•  Mechanics can run clean, cool and lube-free, 
    by-passing friction, vibration and wear making 
    it the perfect alternative to conventional greasy mechanics.

•  With mechanics free of the limiting factors of grease or friction, 
    a wider range of materials are available 
    that were previously unsuitable because of grease limitations.  
    Fabrics, porous options and laminates can now be used.

•  Scroller Mechanics offers a far wider range of operating conditions 
    where grease is undesirable ....
                •   Underwater
                •   Micro sizes- where grease acts as an adhesive
                •   Macro sizes- where grease slides off large surfaces
                •   Load - grease is displaced by pressure
                •   Sterile conditions
                •   Extreme temperature conditions
                •   High altitude
                •   Chemical environments

•  Scroller Mechanics does not suffer from the built-in inaccuracies 
    that limits grease dependent mechanics due to spaces needed for grease, 
    providing a backlash-free accuracy that traditional rolling-mechanics cannot provide.

•  The Scroller Mechanical principle exhibits 
    ideal load distribution without any backlash. 
    It provides a huge degree of surface contact 
    that traditional rolling-mechanics CANNOT provide.

•  The lack of grease means cleaner maintenance 
    and a cleaner machine environment.

•  Less expensive to manufacture 
    because it does not involve the heavy machinery overhead 
    and high energy costs of stamping and forging operations 
    inherent in traditional gear and bearing manufacturing.

•  Less expensive to operate because lower friction 
    means lower energy consumption 
    and the lack of grease offers major maintenance savings.