(U.S. patent #5,462,363)

Rolling-Mechanics can often be replaced by Scrolling-Mechanics

In Scroller-mechanics
 . . . . parts move WITH each other, rather than rub AGAINST each other 
creating a rub - free, grease - free solution.

No more tons of grease dripping into our environment every year.

Appearance  &  Function

•  The bands of the wheels can be made of several materials.

    The Sandia Government Lab used Beryl  ( Copper Beryllium ) .


The wheel has four wheels acting as one wheel
    and their appearance and their rotation 
    is of wheels in the middle of a wheel. 

As they rotate, they move on their four sides
    and go in any direction without together rotating
    because they need not together rotate as they rotate.
--- see LINEAR section in the booklet ---
( sec 7 Motions, Linear)
SCROLLER  BOOKLEThttp://www.scrollermechanics.com/Documents/Scroller_Mechanics.pdf